Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Help the Sharing the Harvest Farm at the Dartmouth YMCA win $50,000!
The Sharing the Harvest Community Farm at the Dartmouth YMCA is a contestant in the Pepsi Refresh Project. Help the Farm win $50,000 by casting your vote today! The public can vote once a day, everyday during the month of February!

Voting is easy!
1. Click on the photo above or go to www.refresheverything.com
2. Click on the $50,000 category (there are 4 categories - $5K, $25K, $50K, & $250K)
3. Scroll down to Sharing the Harvest Community Farm
4. Cast your vote! (You will need to register your email address to vote)
5. Repeat these steps every day for the month of February and help the Farm win!!

About Sharing the Harvest Community Farm Project
The Sharing the Harvest YMCA Farm is an effort to alleviate hunger. The farm at the Dartmouth YMCA was created for the express purpose of producing fresh and nutritious fruits & vegetables for distribution to emergency food shelters along the Southcoast of MA. To date more then 45,000lbs.

More information
About the contest: www.refresheverything.com
About the farm: www.ymcasharingtheharvest/blogspot.com
About YMCA Southcoast: www.ymcasouthcoast.org

Contact Sharing the Harvest Farmer, Dan King
Email: harvestfarmer@ymcasouthcoast.org
Tel: 508.993.3361

Thank you!
We appreciate your support! Please share this information with your friends and family!